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Morgan County EMA Advisory Council Minimize
This group of volunteers meets annually to discuss Morgan County Emergency Management Agency policy and program issues. It should be noted, not all emergency situations would require the convening of the Morgan County EMA Advisory Council. The Director of Morgan County EMA meets once a year so he/she can give a yearly report to the Morgan County EMA Advisory Council over the activities that has taken place throughout the year and submit accomplishment that has taken place during that year. Composition of the Morgan County EMA Advisory Council may vary, depending on the nature and scope of the situation but will commonly be comprised of such agencies as the local emergency management agency, county commissioners, local mayor(s), health department, county highway department, local law enforcement, and local fire services.

Advisory Council Members Include:

President of Board of County Commissioners- Norman Voyles (Advisory Board Chairman)
President of County Fiscal Body- Bryan Collier
Mayor of Martinsville- Shannon Kohl
Individual representing the legislative bodies of all towns- Ray Young (Brooklyn)
Commander of Civil Air Patrol- Brad Wall

Representatives of private and public agencies or organizations:
Victoria Eder (American Red Cross)
Robert Downey (Morgan County Sheriff)
Bob Marley (Monrovia Town at Large)
Will Davis (Paragon Volunteer Fire Department, Chief)
Mark Mathis (Mooresville Town at Large)
Tim Medsker (Mooresville Fire Department, Chief)
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